Nightlase Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment in Miami, FL

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Sleep apnea is a common condition that is due to either structural changes in the throat or miscommunication from the brain and the muscles that control breathing, leading to snoring, unrefreshing sleep, and other symptoms related to a poor night’s sleep.

A common treatment for sleep apnea is a positive airway pressure device that is not only awkward to wear at night, but can also cause complications of its own.  Now, a better solution for treating this aggravating condition exists.  TimeWalker® Fotona4D® NightLase® therapy is a non-invasive laser that helps to address the root of sleep apnea, which is to improve collagen’s action in the oral mucosa.  This leads to better airway function and reduced snoring, which ultimately improves sleep apnea.

The complete treatment schedule is three separate NightLase® therapy sessions over a six-week period, which can improve sleep apnea for up to a year, and at that time the treatment can be performed again if warranted. NightLase® therapy is much more patient friendly than masks and machines that require adaptation and can be uncomfortable.

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