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Are you ashamed or tired of having those spider veins or micro varices in your legs? We have experienced practitioners who have been providing sclerotherapy for spider veins and microvarices for several years. We use Asclera, which is the most effective blood vessel irritant to treat spider veins and varicose veins in your legs so that you will experience visible and effective results rapidly in a matter of a couple of treatment sessions.

What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that helps eliminate varicose and spider veins. This procedure is performed by injecting a needle into a target area and administering a chemical solution to scar the affected veins. Once the varicose veins are scarred, the body forces the blood into healthier veins.

The collapsed veins then gradually disappear. Once sclerotherapy is complete, it can take a few weeks for the affected veins to fade away completely. In some cases, the veins can take over a month to disappear, but this depends on the patient.

What Causes Varicose and Spider Veins?

Varicose veins and spider veins can occur for a variety of reasons. They typically form when blood pressure increases within the veins. Blood pressure can increase during pregnancy, age, obesity, sitting for long periods of time, being a woman, or having a sedentary lifestyle. People with a family history of varicose veins have an increased risk of getting them.

How Long Does Sclerotherapy Take to Complete?

Sclerotherapy is a quick procedure that takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The procedure is also performed within the clinic, so there is no need to worry about checking into a hospital. The length of the procedure, however, depends on the patient, the size of the area, and the number of veins being treated.

What Are The Risks of Sclerotherapy?

Experiencing a complication from sclerotherapy is rare, but there are risks you need to take into account.

The risks of sclerotherapy include the following:

  • Inflammation
  • Blood clot
  • Bruising
  • Skin sores
  • Darkened skin
  • Air bubbles in the blood
  • Having an allergic reaction
  • Hives

Risks, such as bruising and darkened skin, typically go away on their own a few days after treatment. If any of these symptoms do not disappear or worsen, seek medical attention immediately.

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