What to Know About IM Vitamin Injections

IM vitamin therapy We could all use a dose of TLC now and again…but what about a strong dose of B, C, and K? Thanks to IM vitamin therapy, you can give your entire body a boost with a quick injection!

When it comes to natural spa treatments that have long-lasting effects, we love the personalized touch of IM injections. Every formula is chosen for each client based on their health and needs. The benefits of the injections can be felt for 7-14 days!

What Are IM Vitamin Injections?

Intramuscular (IM) injections are administered directly into your muscles. IM vitamin therapy is released slowly over time, allowing it to be absorbed into the bloodstream at a controlled rate. The vitamins are also absorbed through the muscle tissue.

Anyone who has an imbalanced gut biome, stomach issues, or GI disorder may not be able to absorb oral supplements effectively. IM vitamin therapy offers a safe, effective, and highly personalized alternative to their unique needs.

IM vs. IV Vitamin Therapy

IM vitamin injections are delivered through muscle, while intravenous (IV) vitamin supplements are given through a vein into the bloodstream. There are several major differences between the two:

  • Slower absorption. By entering the vein directly, IV therapy can work faster. However, it can also get metabolized faster. IM vitamin injections can last long as they are gradually absorbed through the muscle tissue.
  • Faster treatment. IV therapy can last between 15-90 minutes, but an IM vitamin injection only takes a few seconds.
  • No need for venous access. Many patients dislike the thought of being attached to an IV. IM alternatives are easy, nearly painless, and offer the same great benefits without the need to insert a line.
  • Lower health risks. IM injections bypass the risks of vein inflammation (phlebitis) and blood clots (thrombosis).

Get the Best Vitamins for Your Body

We take time to learn more about your health and medical history to make sure we choose the perfect vitamin formulation for your needs. Whether it’s more energy, greater immunity, or increased concentration, we can mix the perfect vitamin cocktail for you.

Come visit the IM Vitamin Rejuvenation Bar at LARIA Med Spa in Miami, FL! Schedule an appointment online, or call our team at 305-299-7290.

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