Why You Should Get a Hydrafacial Before the Holidays

Cleansing,Procedure.,Nice,Pretty,Woman,Lying,With,Her,Eyes,Closed The holiday season is right around the corner, so now is the best time to take care of your skin. If you want to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, your best option is to receive a Hydrafacial.

HydraFacials Are For All Skin Types

One of the key trademarks of getting a HydraFacial is that it is not for only one skin type; it benefits all skin types. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or sensitive, a HydraFacial can work wonders for your complexion and your skin’s health.

HydraFacials Can Help Treat Many Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can not only impact our appearance, but they can also be difficult to manage at times. Clogged pores are a perfect example; pores are microscopic openings in the skin that contain hair follicles. Over time, however, the pores can become filled with dead skin cells, oil, and dirt.

Clogged pores are very common, but if left untreated, they can cause redness, swelling, and irritation deep within the dermis. HydraFacials help treat clogged pores by hydrating and exfoliating the skin before draining the impurities from them.

Below is a list of the other common skin conditions HydraFacials can help treat:

  • Acne.
  • Blackheads.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Dull skin.
  • Oily skin.

HydraFacials Are Safe and Fully Customizable

Another reason to get a HydraFacial before the holiday season is because they are safe and can be tailored to your personal needs and goals. HydraFacials are a non-surgical treatment, so you do not have to worry about any surgical scarring, having to go under anesthesia, or downtime. If you have a unique skin condition, you can have the HydraFacial treatment customized to help treat it. Clients who have oily skin prone to breakouts can have a customized blend of serums applied that minimize oil while maximizing their skin’s natural glow. For clients with dry skin, extra-rich serums can be used to lock moisture in.

Schedule an Appointment at LARIA MedSpa in Miami, FL

At LARIA MedSpa, we offer seven different variations of HydraFacial treatments everyone can enjoy. If you want to have rejuvenated skin before the holiday season, contact us at 305-299-7290 today.

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